Open Source DIY Festival Making Kit

The main outcomes of the Open Sourcing Festivals project are the co-production by the partners of the Do It Anyway festival 2015 in Sheffield (UK), as well as the creation of this online database of resources and documentation. The test implementation that happened through the organising of Do It Anyway helped refine a DIY Festival Making kit, which is one of the key elements of this resource platform. We have the great joy of releasing it for others to use and build-upon!

The first part of the kit tells the story of Do It Anyway 2015. The second part, the manual kit, identifies all the components involved in organising a festival, abstracting things from the particular, for future festival organisers to use.

We have now an open-source DIY Festival Making Kit, which we hope will be adopted in various contexts, beyond the cultural field. Here attached is the Kit in pdf format. It is also available in the etherpad where it was originally written. Please feel free to go to the pad, modify and augment the kit it as you please!


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