Limen Workshop Participant Interview: Federico Bonelli (NL/NL)

> What attracted you in this workshop and what were your expectations?
Visualisations of electromagnetic pollutions. How to make audible the frequencies of GSM, wifi etc.

> Can you describe what things you learned in this workshop? What did you learn that was unexpected?
I learned to do solder components that are usually soldered by machines. I learned about the activities of the workshop host and his network. We had a moment of enlightenment, when we realized we are working on the same field but in different directions that are complementary. If you put them together you suddenly have a lot of information.

> What are you going to do with this knowledge now?
I am going to apply it, to sniff networks around me.

> Would you like to develop these skills/knowledge further or was what you learned sufficient for your own objectives?
I would like to develop some of the ideas further on my own and also if possible through other workshops.

> Will you collaborate in future with the people you met in the workshop?


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