Pirate Box Workshop Participant Interview: Adam Denton (UK)

> What attracted you in this workshop and what were your expectations?
I was coming to Sheffield anyway, playing a gig tomorrow and the person I am playing with recently bought a Raspberry Pi and our work at the moment is around radio, broadcasting frequency. It seems perfect to stream and broadcast the stuff we are doing.

> Can you describe what things you learned in this workshop? What did you learn that was unexpected?
I have not been focusing so much on the process of getting the Rasperry Pi working ; I have been more talking to the people around the workshop about the history of computing and the history of chips. I feel that I have learned more about the lineage of chips going back from Raspberry Pi to Acorn and a guy called Roger Wilson who changed his name to Sophie Wilson. My technological knowledge is limited. But coming a place like this where there is no specific standard you need to be at, no judgement…I found this afternoon vital.

> What are you going to do with this knowledge now?
The broad plan is to make an installation based on a project that my band is planning. What we learned today is possibly just what was needed to make it happen.

> Would you like to develop these skills/knowledge further or was what you learned sufficient for your own objectives?
For now it is sufficient, but with the connection we made today, when new questions arise, there is people we can approach to develop things further.

> Will you collaborate in future with the people you met in the workshop?
I would love to!




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