Pirate Box Workshop Participant Interview: Luke Twyman (UK)

> What attracted you in this workshop and what were your expectations?

One week ago I read a post on Access Space facebook saying «FM transmitter, Raspberry-Pi». It was mostly the router hacking and FM transmission that draw my attention. I have been looking for a while for such skills, because of specific needs of mine.

> Can you describe what things you learned in this workshop? What did you learn that was unexpected?

I learned how to make an FM transmitter, and that is fantastic, but I did not expect the amount of code knowledge required to program it. I also discovered how to use the terminal of my computer, and then accessed the core operating system...

> What are you going to do with this knowledge now?

I am going to go home and play more with the transmitter. This is the kind of technology that I will use in my sound installations, together with my partner.

> Would you like to develop these skills/knowledge further or was what you learned sufficient for your own objectives?

I would like to go deeper into this things.

> Will you collaborate in future with the people you met in the workshop?

Definitely, I already exchanged contact with my workshop neighbour.


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