Pirate Box Workshop Participant Interview: Tuomo Tammenpää (FI)


> What attracted you in this workshop and what were your expectations?
I was previously aware of LibraryBox and one week ago I heard about this PirateBox workshop that seemed to rely on the same kind of project. I expected to learn how to make it. I currently live on an island on the Baltic sea, called Kemiö, where communication networks aren't reliable and the place is sometimes unreachable. My goal is to set up a kind of local Internet to share with local inhabitants and to feed it with music, files, local information.

> Can you describe what things you learned in this workshop? What did you learn that was unexpected?
 I learned how to install the router and flash a new code into it (when others were configuring the Raspberry-Pi computer and others the live boot). What I did not expect was to learn how to scan the network and get the IP addresses of surrounding devices.

> What are you going to do with this knowledge now?
Take the howto back home and tell friends & colleagues how to do it. Then we can set up an open wifi mesh network.

> Would you like to develop these skills/knowledge further or was what you learned sufficient for your own objectives?
 I will develop it further. This was just a starting point.

> Will you collaborate in future with the people you met in the workshop?
Yes, especially with a local sound artist, Adam Denton, running Audacious Art experiment.


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